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Anesthesia Machines

MERA Inhalation Anesthesia System PIXYSII

PIXYS is an excellent anesthesia system that has been produced in Japan based on opinions from Japanese anesthesiologists. Its smart design has been achieved by embedding the absorber, bellows and control part into the unit housing. This standard machine has user-friendly features such as the control part with a color LCD, which is easily visible. The main ventilation modes include VCV (volume control ventilation) and PCV (pressure control ventilation). Two vaporizers can be installed on PIXYS. Optionally, it can be equipped with HFJV units and gas sensors.

MERA Inhalation Anesthesia System Kochab

Kochab is the simple and compact anesthesia machine equipped with basic functions. If you mount Kohcab on the special caster trestle, it becomes easier to operate. Kochab can be chosen as the model with or without MERA Ventilator “Minoris”.

MERA High Frequency Jet Ventilator JP-1

JP-1 is the only high-frequency jet ventilator developed in Japan. This system can be very useful for differential lung ventilation and tracheoplasty. Its tidal volume is under that of dead space, and the high-frequency ventilation (100 times/min or more) reduces burden on the lungs.